This pages features a new, experimental concept-the 'audio essay'. This essay aims to apply the methods of qualitative research methodology to our experiences during the production of our documentaries. The bottom of the page features an explanation of the relationship between my own approach to audio documentary production and principles of qualitative and ethnogrpahic research. The main part of the page presents a series of radio talks which reflect different aspects of my experience during the process. Each talk uses certain concepts within the social research framework which are explained on the side panel. The combination of the theory in text and appplication in audio should hopefully come together as a meaningful whole to the reader/listener.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Approach to Truth

Based on the theory I have read which combines audio journalism with qualitative research methods, I have formulated my own approach to truth. This approach shaped the processes involved in the production of the documentary. This first commentary explains how this was done.


This next part of commentary is a discussion on the actual fieldwork done for the documentary. The process was organic in that I went in without a specific angle in mind which comes through in some of the interviews.

From Fieldwork to Paper Edit

This was the most challenging part of the documentary. Because there was so much material to work with it, was difficult to choose which to use for the final product. The next commentary discusses the challenges during this stage of analysis.

From Paper Edit to Sound

Another challenge of the analysis stage was getting the audio to match with the paper edit because of the difficulty of combining the script and the sound. The issue of sound quality became particularly important in the final decision making during editing. This final commentary is about this stage.


My Philosophy

Qualitative research has regularly been criticised as a non scientific form of research in comparison with quantitative research, but theorists such as Kvale (1996) and Iorio (2004) argue that this type of research has its benefits even within the sciences. Where quantitative research aims to measure the world, qualitative research methods are holistic and interpretative, primarily using words to explain the world (Iorio, 2004).